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Hector’s Dolphin
Hector’s dolphins are the smallest and rarest marine dolphins in the world. There is a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin known as Maui’s dolphin that is critically endangered and estimated to have a population of only 55. They are found only in the shallow coastal waters along western shores of New Zealand’s North Island
Bycatch—becoming tangled in recreational and commercial gill and trawl nets—is the biggest threat they face.  Gillnets, for example, are made of a fine mesh that dolphins are unable to detect underwater and they accidentally swim into them and become caught. Other threats include being struck by boats, pollution in their habitat, coastal development and seabed mining.

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Washington State OKs Hunt for Wolves Killing Sheep


Washington State OKs Hunt for Wolves Killing Sheep

from Houston Chronicle

1873630_1407102642.3187SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — State officials approved the killing of a portion of a wolf pack in northeast Washington, sending hunters aboard a helicopter during the weekend to take aim at the wolves.

Officials from the state Department of Fish and Wildlifeapproved the killings for the Huckleberry Pack in Stevens County after 22 sheep were killed this month. But a conservation…

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In six days, the horrific slaughter will once again begin.
Every year in September dolphins are herded into the infamous #the cove. The dolphins are slaughtered mercilessly (see the quota in an earlier post) the ones not slaughtered will be taken by marine mammal trainers for swim with the dolphin programs and shows.
By supporting marine parks who do this, you are supporting the slaughter.
So what can you do?
Donate to @dolphin_project Or save Japan’s Dolphins.  Volunteer, right a letter to the Japanese embassy. Sign a petition!
But most of all DONT BUY A TICKET to marine parks that have cetaceans.
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